Welcome to Grizzly Adventures! My name is Keven Lively and I have been creating copper artwork for over 15 years in the Sacramento area. I finally decided to join the 21st century and put my art online. Please check out the gallery to see some of the pieces that I have done and check back often as this is still a work in progress. I hope you enjoy what you see.

Copper Artwork

Copper is a durable metal that lends itself to being molded and shaped. With my hammer I am able to recreate a three dimensional likeness of just about anything that can be photographed. As I am an avid outdoorsman most of my artwork up to this point depicts fish and wildlife in their natural envoirnments. Once the shape is formed high heat is applied to the image to bring out the natural colors within the copper. Then additional color is rubbed in to finish the likeness. A clear gloss coat is applied to stop the oxidation process and protect the details. An appropriate wood base is selected to compliment the copper piece. Driftwood is one of my favorite woods to use.

Custom Artwork

Every piece I create is unique as no two hammer strokes are the same. I can create from your photographs or we can come up with something completely original based on your input. I can make them any shape or size. They can be mounted on the wall, stand on table or mantle, even suspended from the ceiling. I am limited only by your imagination.

As a special for fishermen, the prize fish can be depicted striking the fly or lure that led to its capture.


Perfect for a Birthday! Capture a memory in copper forever. Get your gift certificate now!!